ICOS Conference 2018

Side Events

MONDAY 10th Sept

EUROCOM – intercomparison of European-scale atmospheric CO2 inversions

12:00-18:00, Monday 1oth

The EUROCOM project is dedicated to estimate European CO2 ecosystem fluxes based on the intercomparison of state-of-the-art regional scale atmospheric inversions. It involves seven of the European leading institutes in the field of the atmospheric inversions. EUROCOM follows a harmonized protocol regarding e.g. the domain, input data (including the pre-ICOS in situ data) and format of the results. This ensures comparability between various results and allows a synthesis of the mostrobust and uncertain patterns arising from the current atmospheric inversion frameworks. The side event will focus on the technical details of the inversion intercomparison. All ICOS Science Conference participants are welcome to attend to this side event.