ICOS Conference 2018

Guidelines for presenters


Schedule and talk duration

Please check the exact time and duration of your talk and find your session room name,

  • A standard talk is 15min long: 12min talk + 3min question time
  • A special talk is 30min long: 24min talk + 5min question time

Session rooms are equipped with a presenting laptop (Windows) or computer connected to an LCD projector (VGA connected) a speaker system, Wlan and an IP Plus internet connection for the presenting laptop.

Presentation format

Please bring your presentation latest 15 min before the session starts to a Technical Assistant in the session room. The presentation needs to be saved as a PowerPoint or PDF as only those formats will be supported. The file name of your presentation should be as ‘SessionXX_Lastname’ where XX is replaced by the session number and the ‘Lastname’ by your surname.

Presentation ratio

Please prepare your presentation for a projector ratio of 4:3 to be sure that they work with all LCD projectors in all session rooms.

To ensure that a presenting author will be in attendance for each oral conference contribution, presenters of a talk must have their registration completed by 2nd of September 2018. Presenters who fail to register until this date will no longer be listed on the program and their abstracts will be removed from the conference proceedings.



Poster session

The posters are presented in contingent to the lunch at 2nd-floor corridor until 2 p.m. The posters can be there throughout the entire duration of the conference. Posters need to be taken off before 18:00 on Thursday.

The presenting author is expected to attend the poster session at least on the same day of the assigned session.

Poster format

The poster format is A0 (841 mm wide x 1189 mm high) portrait format. Bigger posters or posters in landscape format cannot be mounted.

Printing your poster

There is a printing house next to the venue (Brandejsovo nám. 1219/1 165 00 Praha 6 – Suchdol) – They should be apparently able to print the poster for you on spot. However, we recommend you send your poster in advance to suchdol@powerprint.cz and pick it up once in Prague. More information: http://print.powerprint.cz/provozovny/praha-suchdol